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Risk, Security & Insurance

Welcome to USF Education Abroad Risk and Safety Home

Call 24/7 International Assistance Line +1-813-317-5815 for any International Incident

Welcome to the International Risk and Security Office at the University of South Florida.  The International Risk and Security Office promotes a healthy, safe and secure experience for USF students, faculty and staff traveling anywhere outside of the United States, both on land, in the air and at sea. 

All international travelers who participate in student related travel as defined in USF System Policy Number: 10-507  Title: USF System International Travel Authority  must register their travel with the Education Abroad office.  They will then automatically be enrolled in United Health Care Global (UHCG) medical and evacuation insurance at no charge and students will be assessed a Security and Safety Monitoring charge as described below*.


Threat to Life Abroad

Know the “911” Equivalent in your Destination:  If you or someone you know is experiencing a life threatening emergency abroad, call the “911 equivalent” phone number for the country they are in.  Most countries do not use 911!  Here is a list of “911 Equivalent” emergency numbers from around the world.

USF World 24/7 International Assistance

While abroad, if you need to speak to a representative from USF for any reason, call the USF 24/7 International Assistance Line +1-813-317-5815.  You may call direct or collect.  USF World also maintains a special email address to report incidents abroad

24/7 International Assistance Line……………………………………………………+1-813-317-5815
International Assistance Line – Dialing Direct:
  1. Dial the international access code for the U.S. (Usually 001 – Check here )
  2. Then dial 813-317-5815
  3. Identify yourself as a USF international traveler and give the country where you are currently located in
  4. State your name and tell the person what the situation is
  5. Tell the person the best number to contact you
  6. Respond to questions and listen carefully to any instructions 
International Assistance Email…………………………………………………………… 

International Health and Evacuation Coverage

USF World can always contact the insurance company on your behalf.  If you want to directly contact our insurance company United Health Care Global (UHCG), call them at +1-410-453-6330 (direct or collect). You will need to identify yourself and provide them with our policy # 902238160. You can also email them at Global Assistance – Operations .

For a brief overview of coverage information, please view the following form: UHCG 2016 FAQ USF.pdf

For a full United HealthCare Global policy, please view the following:USF Health and Evacuation Policy and Services Agreement
*The cost of UHCG is covered by the University and is not billed to any travelers beginning with Spring Term.
*Each student traveler is assessed a Security and Safety Monitoring (SMM) charge which is listed as the following:
  • $30 for travel/trips of 14 days or less
  • $40 for travel/trips of more than 14 days up to 28 days
  • $50 for travel/trips of more than 29 days