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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: Florence, Italy; Rome, Italy; Venice, Italy
  • Program Terms: Summer
  • Eligibility: Please see below for requirements.
  • Budget Sheets:: Summer
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer 2017 04/21/2017
Rolling Admission 05/14/2017 06/23/2017

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.

Indicates that deadline has passed
Fact Sheet:
Language of Instruction:
Language Requirements:
Eligibility Requirements:
College of Business Student
Level of Study:
Open to:
USF Students Only
Credit Offered:
USF Credit
Program Advisor:
Jim Pulos
Minimum GPA:
Sponsoring College:
College of Business
Program Primary Subject:
Business, Marketing, and Finance
Program Description:

Program Overview

The Florence Business Study Abroad program is intended to build and nurture business leaders with exceptional creativity and potential.  The program will provide these future business leaders with global perspective and an understanding of the global business environment. Students may take business electives that focus on global business from an ethical and an entrepreneurial viewpoint.
Students will be provided an in-depth look at the social costs and moral problems that have arisen by the expanded use of the Internet, and explore up-to-date legal and philosophical perspectives on the global scale for the business community. The Global Cyber Ethics (ISM 4041) course will feature current research, theoretical frameworks, and case studies, that will highlight the ethical and legal practices used in computing technologies, increase the effectiveness of computing students and professionals in applying ethical values and legal statues, and provide insight on ethical and legal discussions of real-world applications.

Also offered will be the course Business Law (BUL 3320).

Other business and general electives are offered.

Optional: Cultural Introduction to Italy 1-Week Program (May 7 - May 14) - (The cost for this optional program is $1300.00, in addition to the Total Program Cost)

Students enrolled in the 6-week USF in Florence Business Program may also elect to take part in the optional Cultural Introduction to Italy 1-week program, which will take place the week prior to the start of their 6-week Business Session.

This one-week intensive course is intended to provide students with an in-depth introduction to Italian culture and to broaden one’s awareness and understanding of the role of cultural heritage in customs and lifestyles. Lectures will provide students with an organized, focused, and academic understanding of Italian history, art, architecture, food, religion, and culture. The course provides additional enrichment through basic notions of Italian language and terminology. On-site teaching is a significant part of this course which aims to teach students how to become active visitors and not passive tourists, while understanding a culture beyond its stereotypes. This cultural program will include visits to Rome, Assisi, Florence, Perugia, and Viterbo.

Students in this optional 1-week program will be enrolled in the course Cultural Introduction to Italy (HUM 4941 - 3 credit hours) in addition to the 6 credit hours they will complete as part of the 6-week USF in Florence Business Program.

Please enjoy this beautiful video about the program, produced by Professor Steve Cooke (former Florence Program Director):
Professor Cooke's video will surely add to your growing enthusiasm about the program, as well as give you a taste of the beauty and splendor that await you this summer.

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The glory of Florence is rooted in its past. The Medicis commanded the city's fortunes for centuries and, as patrons, they encouraged the Renaissance's influence on the city. Visitors from all over the world come to admire the magnetic charm of the Baptistry, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Uffizi, Pitti Palace, and the Ponte Vecchio.

Despite its pivotal role in the history of civilization, and its significance as an artistic and cultural center, Florence retains the bustle and charm of a small town in a bygone age. Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Cosmopolitan, and yet with all modern conveniences, Florence, perhaps more than any other city, is a tapestry describing Europe's emergence from the dark ages through to the 21st century. In addition to all that Florence offers to program participants, there are many opportunities to explore the picturesque Tuscan countryside, and surrounding towns such as Pisa and Siena. An efficient rail system connects Florence with Rome, northern Italy and the rest of Europe.

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Host Institution

The seat of the Florence University of the Arts (FUA) is located in the historic Palazzo Doni, just a few steps from the splendid Piazza Santa Croce in the quarter of Florence that takes its name from the celebrated church. During the Renaissance period, the Palazzo Doni housed famous works of art: the most significant of these is Michelangelo's round painting of the Holy Family – the so called Tondo Doni, now in the Uffizi Gallery. The great Renaissance painter, Raphael, lived in the palace while painting the portraits of the proprietor Agnolo Doni and Maddalena Strozzi; a marble plaque marking his stay can be found in the archway connecting the courtyard to the street, thus sealing his presence and artistic spirit within the walls of the present-day institution.
The students therefore operate and cultivate their experiences in a suggestive and pervasive frame of influence dating back to an illustrious past. Upon entering the two palaces that house the university, students find themselves immersed in a modern, minimalist interior in which carefully preserved vestiges of the past manifest themselves in a harmonious environment dedicated to the advancement of artistic disciplines. One has the possibility of learning the latest technological procedures of a given media, such as video in a lecture hall graced by original Renaissance wooden ceiling beams and other such architectural gems that abound in the interiors and exteriors of both the Palazzo Doni and Palazzo Guicciardini-Strozzi, located just across the street.

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Academic Program and Course Information

Global Cyber Ethics (ISM 4041)
This course is designed for undergraduate information systems students, as well as other interested business students. Students will be introduced to the widespread development of global cyber ethics. Students will learn more about impacting issues, laws, and developments that will help shape their future within the business community through technology as it spans internationally. The content was chosen to facilitate students to grow and develop professionally and morally through readings, class participation, and course activities.

Business Law (BUL 3320)
This course will have a special block of instruction discussing the Italian organized crime families commonly known as La Costra Nostra and how/why these criminal enterprises migrated from Italy to the United States. We will also have a comparative law instruction session comparing the basic differences between the US legal system and the Italian legal system.  If allowed, we may also visit the Italian courthouse in Florence to observe the Italian legal system in process. 

Please note that all participants are required to enroll in at least one business course offered in this session.
Within each Session, courses are offered in either a 6-week or 3-week format, and all students must enroll for two courses in either format and in any combination, which may be selected from those offered in their respective Session [Florence A Session Courses, Florence B Session Courses, or C Session Courses (A Session Courses and B Session Courses)]
When making your selections, please note that all courses have a Field Learning Experience connected to them. All students enrolled in that particular course will be traveling to the associated destination(s) as part of their course work, at no additional cost.

Further, you are also required to select at least two alternate courses in addition to your two primary course choices, and all selections (primary or alternate) should be added to your Course Approval Form, which should then be signed by your major advisor.

When completing the Course Approval Form, you may inform your major academic advisors that all courses have already received USF College and Departmental approval by this office.
List of all USF in Florence Business Courses:

CAF USF in Florence Business 201705

The USF course prefixes and numbers for all USF and FUA-taught courses may be found on the program Course Approval Form via the link listed above.

For actual class meeting times and the accompanying Field Learning Experience, students may refer to the list below for all USF-taught courses, and to the link below for all FUA-taught courses:

List of USF-Taught Courses:

BUL 3320 - Business Law  611  3 credits Session A 6-Week Course/Session
Mon 3:00pm/4:15pm
Tue 3:00pm/4:15pm
Wed 3:00pm/4:15pm
Thu 3:00pm/4:15pm
Sunday June 11 Mandatory Field Learning Experience in Arezzo
ISM 4041 - Global Cyber Ethics  611  3 credits  Session A 6-Week Course/Session
Mon 09:00am/10:15am
Tue 09:00am/10:15am
Wed 09:00am/10:15am
Thu 09:00am/10:15am
Saturday June 10 Mandatory Field Learning Experience in San Galgano and Sant'Antimo

Link to all FUA-Taught Courses:

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Dr. Kaushal Chari has wide experience with international programs. He has led study abroad programs to Osnabruck, Germany and Mysore, India (4 times). He has also accompanied USF EMBA students to China. Additionally, Dr. Chari has traveled in Europe including, Florence, Italy, making him familiar with the city and the local culture.

Professor Myers has previously lived in several foreign countries having been assigned to numerous United States Embassies around the world while employed with the United States Government. Professor Myers has lived (on temporary assignments) in Israel, Afghanistan, Thailand, Pakistan and Greece. Professor Myers has previously visited most of Europe including Italy, and has  traveled particularly to Florence, Siena, Rome, Milan, Lake Cuomo and Venice within Italy.

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Program Costs

Total Program Cost: $4826.00 (6-week USF in Florence Business Program)

This fee includes: Pre-departure and on-site orientation; walking tour of city; six undergraduate USF credits; shared apartment accommodations; resident permit; emergency medical and evacuation insurance for the dates of the program; Field Learning Experience associated with their selected course; on-site program administration by FUA; computer lab and library access; welcome and closing dinners.

Please note that 6 credit hours are included in the Total Program Cost. Student may enroll in courses totaling more than 6 credit hours at an additional cost. Students enrolling in any course combination totaling more than 6 credit hours must add an additional $350.00 per additional credit hour. Students enrolling in any course combination totaling 9 credit hours must add an additional $1000.00 to the Total Program Cost.

The following items are not included in the program cost listed above:

Cost for courses totaling more than 6 credit hours
Passport fees ($250.00)
International airfare ($1,100-$1,400)
Estimated* Total Additional out of pocket costs=$1000.00 - $1500.00

*Please note that this is a conservative estimate and is not intended to cover costs related to cell phone usage, nor does it provide significant funds for entertainment or personal spending (gifts and souvenirs, which depending on taste and quality can be quite expensive).

Total Program Cost: $6126.00 (including the 1-week Cultural Introduction to Italy Program)

Scholarship and Funding Information:

The Muma College of Business is administering scholarship awards for this program as follows:

$1,000 to the first 5 students who complete the program application and pay the required deposit. For students taking BUL 3320, a $1,000 scholarship will be given to the top 20 students! To qualify you must be a Pre-Accounting or Accounting major who took ACG 2021 and ACG 2071 at USF Tampa and received a "B" or better.

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Living Arrangements

Accommodations will be well-maintained but modestly furnished student apartments with two double occupancy rooms per apartment and shared bath accommodations and kitchen. Utilities are included. The maximum walking distance to the FUA main campus from any apartment is 20 minutes.

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Who Can Participate?

All participants on the this program must have the approval of the Program Director, Dr. Kaushal Chari and/or Dr. Kerry Myers.


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How and When to Pay

Please click here for further details regarding payment.

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Getting There

You will be responsible for reserving and purchasing your international transportation to Florence. Please do not purchase your air ticket until you have been advised to do so by the program coordinator. They will advise participants of a group-designated flight schedule. All who wish to travel with others in the program will receive this information well in advance so they can book these flights. You must provide the program coordinator with your final flight itinerary.

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Medical Insurance and Travel Documentation

USF provides program participants with sickness/accident and emergency medical evacuation insurance valid for the dates of the program. Those who will travel independently, either in advance of the program or after the program ends, must ensure that they have insurance coverage valid outside the U.S.

Please click here for more detailed information.

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Safety & Health

Participant's safety and well-being are paramount to USF. Please click here for detailed country-specific safety and health information given in our Country Study Report. Make sure to read up on country-specific information on the U.S. Department of State and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention websites.

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Funding

Many funding opportunities are available to USF students who are planning to study abroad. Please see our funding page for further details.

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Special Terms

Students should carefully review the Education Abroad Participant Contract, included in the Education Abroad application process. It describes students' responsibilities with regard to participation, and includes information on insurance, and cancellation and refund policies. Students will be asked to electronically sign this document. To view this document before applying, please click here.

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Contacts for More Information

Mr. James Pulos, Associate DirectorDavid
Education Abroad Office, CGS 101
Phone: (813) 974-4043

Dr. Kaushal Chari
USF Muma College of Business
Phone: (813) 974-6768

Dr. Kerry Myers
Clinical Professor of Accounting and Law
Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy
Florida Center for CybersecurityMuma College of Business, BSN 3325
Phone: (813) 974-4186

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This program is currently not accepting applications.