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Modern Applicant Experience

The Modern Applicant Experience is focused on how you, the applicant, use the application.  This takes into consideration: the moment you log in, how you navigate a program search, and how you submit and maintain your study abroad application. The result is a user interface and enhanced experience that prioritizes a streamlined application and modern feel so that only the most relevant items are displayed to you at each step.

Profile Home

  1. Header navigation tabs:
    • Application(s):  List of applications you have in the system.
    • Profile:  View your system profile.  Most of this data is updated from USF systems and can not be updated directly in this system.  You are encouraged to add your mobile number to your Profile. 
    • Message Center:  Lists messages that have been sent to you through the system.  These include emails from our staff or system-generated messages.
  2. Clicking "Find program" will take you to our Program Discovery Hub.
  3. This section will list all your applications you have in our system.  Clicking on one will take you to the application.
  4. Saved Programs are any programs you may have favorited from our Program Discovery Hub.


Program Application Home

  1. This box will list the program application deadline, start and end dates.  You can view the program's brochure by clicking "View program".
  2. Header navigation tabs:
    • Requirements:  Items you need to complete on your application.
    • Itinerary:  View the program's itinerary.
    • Documents:  View any documents attached to your application (this will only show if there are documents).
  3. This section will contain instructions (if applicable) for completing your application.
  4. This section is where you will review and complete the requirements for your application.  You can click "Get Started!" or click a requirement to review it.  It will expand in place.
    • Terms and Conditions will require a digital signature by clicking the "Sign" button at the bottom.  Be sure to read them thoroughly.
    • Questionnaires will ask for information that is required for your application.  Some questions are "REQUIRED" and will not let you submit until they are completed.  Some questionnaires may have multiple pages and will show as such at the bottom (i.e. Page 1 or 2).  At the bottom of the questionnaire you will have the option to "Save" (come back later) or "Submit" (done entering information).


Completing your Application

The system will keep a running tally of how many requirements have been completed and how many are left to go.  Once they are all completed a message will appear at the top of your application with a button to "Submit your application".  Clicking this button will tell our staff that your information is ready for review.  Our staff will be in touch with you if they need additional information and further instructions.