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We Stand with You

We stand in solidarity with our students, colleagues, and community in fighting against racial violence and injustice both here and abroad. As an office that has strived for diversity, inclusion, and increasing access to study abroad, we believe it is important to take a stand as antiracist.

In University of South Florida’s Principles of Community, 3 of our Principles directing align with this sentiment: Excellence with Equity; Diversity with Inclusion; and Dialogue with Respect.

International education, much like engagement with diverse groups and individuals in and out of the classroom, provides us with opportunities to expand our views, exercise empathy, and learn from others.

message from USF President, Dr. Steven Currall.

message from Interim Vice President for USF World, Dr. Kiki Caruson.

Now what?

Learn and Stay Informed: A World United Against Hate

Engage and be Empowered: Be the change you want to see

  • The USF Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equal Opportunity has information about their mission, initiatives that contribute to USF’s diversity, how they provide oversight of equal opportunity, and how their mitigate harassment and discrimination can be found here.
  • The USF Office of Multicultural Affairs has some virtual events this summer.
  • Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement
  • USF Black/African Student Organization information can be found here.

Resources and Support: You’re Not Alone