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Program Discovery

Our Program Discovery Search Tool is a great way to find a program that will fit your academic needs.  There are several ways you can use the tool:

  • Search by a country or city - i.e. "London".
  • Search by term - i.e. "Spring".
  • Search by subject matter and courses - i.e. "Biology"
You may also search our Course Catalog by using our Course Search Tool.  This course catalog is updated frequently, but is not exhaustive and additional courses maybe available.  Presence in this catalog does NOT guarantee that the course is offered every term. Be sure to cross check any approved courses with your program's website to ensure that they will be offered during your time abroad.

Types of programs we offer

USF Education Abroad offers several program types to help you find the program that meets your needs.
  • USF Faculty-led Programs:  These are programs that are designed and facilitated by USF.  They offer direct USF credit (sometimes in combination with transfer credit) and are led by USF Faculty/Staff. Examples would be USF in London, USF Costa Rica and Paris Spring Break programs.
  • USF Exchange Programs  These are programs where we have bilateral reciprocal exchange agreements with universities around the world. More...
  • Affiliate Programs:  These are programs that are organized by recognized study abroad provider institutions with which USF has an agreement. Students will receive Transfer Credit. More...
  • Non-Affiliate Programs: These are programs that may be offered by other US or foreign universities, study abroad organizations with which USF does not have an affiliation agreement. More...

Do not see a program that fits your needs?  Please contact us at

Things to consider

Studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a student's academic career, but it is one that might seem daunting at first. How much will it cost? Will I delay my graduation? Where can I go? How long should I be gone? What programs fit my major? These are some of the most common questions, and rightly so!