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Conference and Express Travel Registration

Congratulations on representing USF at an upcoming international conference or research related experience.  Please use this process to register your upcoming independent conference or research travel with USF World. (This process is only for independent travelers. If you are traveling in a Group or with other Faculty, Staff, and/or Students please contact before continuing further.)

Whether or not you have to complete a Travel Request (TR) for your College or Department, USF Travel Policy #10-507 requires that an active student on an international experience must follow the procedures maintained by USF World (or USF Health) and must be registered and authorized by USF World.

International travel is travel to any location outside the 50 United States and District of Columbia and therefore includes all international bodies of water and US Territories as well as foreign countries.

Registration in the International Travelers Database is used by USF World to track Student Related Travel. Specialists are on duty to continuously monitor international events and provide 24/7 international assistance at a moment’s notice. (This OneStep Express Travel Registration method is for independent student travel only.)

Safety and Security Monitoring (SSM) Charge: USF World does not receive student tuition or fees to operate. Therefore, when registering with USF World, a Safety & Security Monitoring (SSM) Charge must be paid. It helps support the database, the 24/7 international monitoring, and international assistance.  It does not pay for insurance.  It may be paid by the traveler or from a USF account. You will be asked to identify who is responsible in your department for this charge. Charges are: 1-14 days $30; 15-28 days $40; and 29 days or more $50.

Insurance: USF’s International Health and Evacuation Insurance is paid for by USF and is mandatory but only covers the dates of authorized travel. You can purchase the same coverage for independent travel outside the dates of authorized travel. Contact for more information.

No one likes to fill out forms but we have taken great lengths to create an express form that focusses on only the information you should already have in hand before you jet off to another continent, or set sail into international waters.

This express Registration is generally suitable for those meeting the following criteria.  If you are not sure, send us an email to see if you qualify.

  1. Traveling on an approved Department Travel Request (TR)
  2. Healthy and wish to waive a medical review (*)
  3. Travel is only to a conference or familiar location where you will be staying in sponsored accommodations
  4. Excursions outside the conference/core activity are not anticipated
  5. The Country, US Territory or location is at a USDOS Risk Level 1 or 2

(If you would rather register with the full version of the Independent Traveler Registration, CLICK HERE or contact for more information.)

Registering will trigger the following:

  1. Enrollment in USF’s International Health and Evacuation Insurance;
  2. Registration with the US Department of State's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP);
  3. Use of our 24/7 International Assistance Line +1-813-317-5815 and Email;
  4. Receipt of travel related advisories
  5. Risk and security reviews of the local environment
  6. Enrollment in an “Express Version” of our CANVAS Pre-Departure Orientation

It is best if you have access to all information requested below to complete this registration in one sitting.  However, if you are missing a piece of information, send us an email and we can help you complete it.  If you run into difficulties, you may contact 

What you will need to get started:

  1. Your Travel Authorization Number ("TR");
  2. Your Travel Dates and Locations;
  3. Name and contact information for a person in your department responsible for the SSM Charge (see above);
  4. The contact information for your host or partner abroad (if you have one);
  5. Link to the conference website or a description of the activities;
  6. Your personal address, phone and email at each destination (As Applicable);
  7. Your emergency contact’s address in the U.S., phone and email;
  8. An electronic copy/photo or PDF of your airline tickets;
  9. An electronic copy/photo of your Passport (and Visa if applicable) to upload.

If you have questions or run into difficulties please contact us at